Best Home Repair Book Basic Tools for New/Novice Do-It-Yourselfer Why Light Bulbs Burn Out So Quickly In the Dark About a Good Flashlight? Quickly Estimating Electrical Gadget Operating Costs For Making Cost Tradeoffs Attic Ventilation Which Cordless Drill ? My Universal Stool Caulking Which Caulk? Recaulking a Shower or, a Tub-Tile Joint -- Getting a good seal is harder than you think. Repairing Rotted Areas Filling Holes and Gouges in Almost Any Material Choosing the Right Glue Plumbing Stuff Water Heaters Water Heater Problems In Hard Water Areas Making A Water Heater Last Forever (well... longer anyway) Articles on Various Questions About Water Heaters, by Rheem/Ruud All Kinds of Water Heater Facts Toilet Training -- Lots of Stuff About the Care and Repair of Toilets My Toilet Runs & Stops, Runs & Stops, Runs . . . Lesson on the Slooow Flush Cleaning the Toilet From Hell Fixing a Sink, Lavatory, Tub or Shower Fixture Breaking Loose A Stuck Garbage Disposal Pipe Noises -- Do Your Pipes Bang, Wail, Moan, or Tick? L O T S of Questions & Answers on Plumbing Out, Out, Damn Spot Carpets More on Carpets Other Fabrics Rust Stains Removing Oil, Rust, and Tire Marks From Concrete What's this fuzzy white powdery/crystalline stuff that forms on my walk/brick/tile/basement walls since the astronauts came back? Phone Numbers for Common Household Product Companies Which Ceiling Fan? . . . . . . . . . . Stopping Fan Wobble FLAT ROOFS -- The Most Valuable Advice You'll Find Here Deck Sealers/Treatments Painting Exterior Paint Interior Paint My Painting Tip Storing Leftover Paint The Painting Tool -- Cleaning Paint Brushes Collection of Paint Problems More Paint Peeling Problems Lots of Facts and Advice About Paint and Painting -- Don't miss the FAQ Termites, Carpenter Ants, & a little bit more about bugs. Termites Carpenter Ants, Other Ants & Bugs Pharaoh Ants -- called sugar ants, grease ants, kitchen ants, and house ants Squirrels in Your Belfry Pressure Washers -- Gas vs Electric Removing Sticker and Tape Goo How to Loosen a Tight Screw How to Tighten a Loose Screw -- Fixing a Stripped or Wallered Out Screw Hole Wall Doin's Removing a Mirror from a Wall Drywall = Sheetrock = Plasterboard (for the Brits) Hanging Objects on Sheetrock (and Plaster) Walls Repairing a Hole in Sheetrock Matching Drywall Texture After a Repair Recurring 'Nail Pops' in Drywall How to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling Fixing Floor Squeaks A Quick and Dirty Way A More Professional Way Programmable Thermostats -- Do They Also Bake Bread? A/C or Central Heating Questions? Here's A Texas Site For You Water Levels -- Making and Using the Worlds Most Accurate Level Understanding Deck and Fence Fasteners (screws) Duct Tape Ain't for Ducts (or hamsters) Trivia Break --Here's How a Dimmer Switch Works Garage Door Stuff Choosing a Garage Door Opener Choosing A New Garage Door Replacing A Broken Garage Door Spring Lots of People Ask About Problems With Genie Garage Door Openers A Few Ask About Stanley Openers Even Fewer Ask About Chamberlain or LiftMaster

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Home improvement is one of America's favorite pastimes. As a nation, we want to make dramatic differences in a relatively short period of time. That's why we choose remodeling. In fact, that is the power of remodeling - being able to change your house into a dream home.

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Windows & Doors

Beautify your home with custom-made windows and doors.
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Laminate Flooring

Discover the beauty of a hardwood or stone-look tile floor.

Aluminum &
Vinyl Siding

Never paint your home again.

Patio Covers &
Screened Enclosures

<H1>home repair</H1>
Add extra living space to your home inexpensively.

Kitchen Cabinets

Revive your kitchen without the hassle or expense of major remodeling.

Garage Doors

Make your home safer for your family.

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home repair

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